Xbox One Users Can Experience Microsoft’s 10$ Monthly Subscription Service

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Microsoft reveals $10 (monthly) gaming subscription service, so if you’re user of Xbox One, then you can enjoy this service. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity.

Coming this season to the Xbox One Game Pass will provide console owners access to more than 100 Xbox One and backward accordant games for $9.99 (monthly).

The Xbox Game Pass is not a streaming service, such as PlayStation now, but a game download subscription along with the lines of EA Access. Those who have got the subscription and who spend $9.99 monthly free will be able to select from games such as Payday 2, NBA 2k16, Halo 5: Guardians and SoulCalibur II, downloading them directly to their system and playing them as if they were bought digitally. Subscribers will be able to buy the games in the magalogue at a discount (twenty percent off games, ten percent off add-ons), adding them forever to their library of Xbox. Rest for any Xbox Support you can navigate to professionals.

The Xbox Game Pass will begin rolling out today to choose members of the Xbox insider program today, with plans to reveal exclusively for Xbox Live Gold subscribers before stepping ahead to live for all Xbox One owners this season.

Take a glimpse at the image given above, we’ve also got Saint’s Row IV, Fable III, Terraria, Mad Max, the Mega Man Collection, Lego Batman, and various fading box arts to look ahead to.

Sound like a fine deal?

The library of Xbox Game Pass will be updated on a monthly basis with games being added ‘sometimes’ games leaving. Users will grip access to all games on the pass as long as they stay in the library and the user stays subscribed. Should the user unsubscribe or a game says bye to the library, the games will be effaced, but the save data from those games will be saved should the player start the sub again or buy the game. You can also go for Microsoft Xbox Live Support for better support and assistance. You can also get in touch with experts for more updates.

As for how the pass will affect the Games with the Gold program:

Games with Gold and Xbox Fame Pass are two separate service-providing with different advantages. Games with Gold is an added advantage particularly to Xbox Live Gold members that recompenses users with two to four free games each month to relish. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription –based service that provides you unlimited access to more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward accordant games for Xbox One for $9.99 USD per month. Xbox Live Gold is not needed for Xbox Game Pass, however, Xbox Live Gold is needed for more than one player titles that are part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog. For more queries you can Call Xbox Support and clear your questions or doubts. You can even get the latest updates. 

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